Thermoformed pulp products retain the finished look of top quality plastic, whilst delivering all the eco-friendly benefits.  Its aesthetically pleasing finish makes it an ideal product for the luxury market and point of sale packaging, where product appearance is important.  More complex and accurate shapes are attainable using this pulp moulding process, which offers a sharper finish, thinner walls, and smoother surface.


Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to deliver environmentally sound packaging and our new thermoformed moulded pulp, manufactured here in the UK, is a great packaging medium that delivers this.


It has been proven that pulp excels in both strength and quality and now with new Thermoformed Pulp, it will also showcase your product in a distinctive well-crafted presentation.  Our in house design team can work with you to create the perfect eco friendly packaging solution and provide protection fit for purpose.



After being formed, the product is captured in heated forming moulds which presses, increasing the density of the moulded pulp.  The products are then ejected from the heated moulds in their finished state as opposed to being dried in a steam heated oven.



• Newest form of pulp in the marketplace.

• Recyclable, Compostable, Biodegradeable.

• Dimensionally very accurate.

• Smooth durable material for a more premium finish.

• Thinner, stronger and stiffer than conventional pulp.

• Variety of colour options.

• Ability to emboss.

• Nests easily together, thus taking up less storage space.



Speaker system in protective thermoform pulp packaging.


A Boots botanics display box with a thermoform moulded pulp display insert.
a thermoform moulded pulp clamshell with locking tabs.

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