We continue to enhance our reputation as Retail Ready Specialists due to our ability to work with Retailers and listen to our customers' requirements.  We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals whose aim is to produce a product and service second to none in terms of product quality and new development. We listen to the needs of those businesses and without fail deliver the complete solution to their specific requirements in a business but friendly manner. In most cases where complexity has created anxiety we invest ‘one to one’ time and generally find and provide simplicity.


We offer a stock holding facility and a dedicated inside sales person to maintain and manage customers requirements. Close working relationships are of paramount importance to us, and all our dealings, whether with large national manufacturers or with small start up SME companies reflect the immense importance of their business to us.


With our in-depth knowledge of the industry and on going investment in our factory and facilities, we ensure that we provide a high level of service, quality products and all with a fast turnaround.

We are specialists in:

• Retail Ready Packaging.

• Cases/ Boxes.

• 4 Corner Glued.

• 6 Corner Glued.

• Die Cut Boxes.

• Crash Lock Boxes.

• Flexo Graphic and High Quality Print.


How we can support you:

• Increase your packaging line efficiency.

• Reduce any loss though damage in transit.

• Enhance your visual presence on the shelf/shop floor.

• Evaluate and help reduce your distribution costs.

• Improve handling.

• Reduce the amount of waste packaging for you and

   your end user.



2D Design

Our CAD system with advanced software, combined with our extensive experience allows us to provide you with the packaging solution you need, whether it be a simple construction taken from our 2D parametric programme or a more innovative concept.  Our KaseMake 627A sample table allows us to produce the best quality plain samples ranging from solid board to double wall corrugate.  Due to increasing demand and market expectations, we have recently upgraded our corrugate design and sample-making department, which will allow for swifter turnarounds as well as a higher accuracy and precise cutting/creasing when producing samples.  This will increase productivity within our corrugate design department and allow for more precise like-for-like samples for our customers.


Graphic Design

Our skilled in-house design team produce graphic design work to reflect the right image for your packaging needs.  This not only provides shelf presence, it can establish standards of quality and value to your potential consumers.  We take your full size 2D Parametric CAD files and import this into our graphics package.  This allows us to then position all graphic elements incorporated into a design with precision, be this for Litho, Flexographic or Screen Printing process.  A complete set of printer proofs will then be supplied by our studio so that files can be checked for content.


2D CAD design being cut on our Kasemake sample table.

Increase your packaging line efficiency

STRENGTH, blah blah...



Today retailers demand multi-functional packaging. They expect good visual impact and easy opening, combined with supply chain efficiency.


Shelf Ready packaging ticks all the boxes and is a major part of what we do.  We are very proud to be an approved supplier for many of the UK’s leading supermarkets.



• Major supermarket retailer approved.

• Easy opening.

• Made from the newest grades of corrugate and solid board on the market.

• Flexo and Litho printed.

• Strong visual impact.

• Reduced labour.

• Optimum supply chain efficiency.



Help reduce your distribution costs



Here at Cullen we have based our business on innovation and service.  We have continually invested in multi-point gluing, printing and die cutting facilities.


We have a CAD printing facility in-house which allows us to give our customers full mock ups of their carton prior to production runs.



• Ease of assembly.

• Reduced labour.

• Made from the newest grades of corrugate and solid board on the market.

• Flexo , high quality Flexo and Litho printed.

• Crash Lock.

• 4 Corner glued.

• 6 Corner glued.

• Strong visual impact.


Enhance your visual presence



Cullen Packaging see a massive opportunity to increase the amount of cardboard recycle bins within the marketplace.  We manufacture a wide range of cardboard Recycling Bins which can be made to any size at a very competitive price and designed and customised with your own company logo and details.



• Manufactured to any size or design.

• Print can be fully customised.

• Variety of board grades.

• Competitively priced.

• Locally manufactured.

• Superb customer service.

• Free quote and sample.


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