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We are capable of holding stock and delivering globally from our 126,000 square foot manufacturing and warehousing facility, meeting your production schedules at short notice via our own fleet of modern trucks and our global logistical partner DHL.


We have an extensive UK client base and export to many countries worldwide.


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Cullen Packaging is one of the world’s leading, innovative, conceptual design and packaging manufacturers.  We produce a large range of products for the NHS, Industry, and leading Supermarket chains using both corrugate and pulp.  Our pulp products are made from 100% recycled paper, are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable, and produced to the highest standard in our new state-of-the-art plant in Glasgow.  We are the only company in the UK that can offer both internal and external packaging manufactured from the same facility.




Cullen is a strong, robust, and forward thinking company, which embraces an environmentally ethical vision.  With on-going investment in our plant, people, innovation and design, we continue to open up new market opportunities internationally and within the UK.  With a strong commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and lessening landfill waste, our modern clean-technology plant reflects our commitment to the environment.



Our mission is to produce the most efficient eco-friendly packaging possible, maximising the natural resources we have available. Global manufacturers see moulded pulp, made from 100% recycled paper, as the most environmentally responsible method of achieving this. Our innovative approach to building our business, has seen Cullen patent several new technological processes and designs including recycling the heat and water we use to reduce our effect on the environment, and recycling the waste from our corrugated box production to produce recyclable moulded pulp articles ensuring nothing is wasted.


We are very proud to be the only packaging company in the UK to have the EU compostability certificate EN13432.


Our facilities are certified to ISO 9001 & BRC IOP food production standards and our disposable medical products are all tested to PAS 29 and hold the prestigious Kitemark status.




From conception to completion, our team of dedicated design professionals produce prototypes and samples to our customers' requirements.



Our CAD system with advanced software, combined with our extensive experience allows us to provide you with the packaging solution you need, whether it be a simple construction taken from our 2D parametric programme or a more innovative concept.  Our KaseMake 630 sample table allows us to produce the best quality plain samples ranging from solid board to double wall corrugate.



We create bespoke design pulp packaging built around the customer’s product by means of SolidWork 3D-CAD modelling software.  Conceptual drawings are introduced at an early stage to ensure model development fits all of our customer's stated requirements.


Our designers will make a precise CAD model with accurate sizing for customer’s inspection.  Once approved the CAD file is then transferred to the Tooling Department where forming and transfer tools are produced using state-of-the-art CAM software and CNC machinery.  We are then ready to start full production.


Our design and production facilities are something that we are very proud of and we positively encourage customer visits.


Machine head showing the cutting of a pulp product tool.
CNC milling machine.
2D CAD design being cut on our Kasemake sample table.



Robert Cullen Ltd. recognises the importance of a strong quality system in supporting all of its customers’ needs, and so is registered to the international Quality Standard ISO 9001. This certification applies to all of the company’s activities and is issued by the British Standards Institution. The approval requires a systematic approach from initial customer contact through design approval, manufacturing and delivery with appropriate documentation, controls and records at each stage.


With a major part of its business being in the food sector, the Company has also gained registration to the BRC/IoP “Global Packaging Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials” at the “high risk” category for food-contact products. The scope of this registration is now extended to cover other contact areas such as medical-pulp products and packaging for cosmetics. In addition to the procedural requirements of 9001, this standard demands hygiene controls and systematic analysis and review of all risk factors (HACCP).


Another major part of the business is the medical pulp products, and these have Kitemark approval from BSi. As well as the normal quality requirements, this ensures that the products meet additional NHS demands such as liquid retention and the ability to be macerated.



With increasing concern over the “green agenda”, Cullen food produce trays were submitted for extensive testing and have now become the UK’s only paper or pulp product to hold approval as compostable to the International Standard EN 13432.


Cullen’s have always promoted concern for the environment and the use of corrugate factory waste material to produce pulp products was an early example of this, supported now by the compostability certification. State-of-the art drying ovens and maximum use of energy-recovery schemes further support this, and the business systems include policies and procedures compliant with the International Standard for environmental management.


All of the above systems are controlled by a business management system that makes maximum use of computers, barcode-scanning and other paperless / instant access methodologies with SharePoint providing the document control system.


We have a stable and highly competent staff to support all of the above systems. Their training is kept up-to-date by ad-hoc and refresher courses coordinated through the training plan with all records also maintained on SharePoint.

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